In Chapter 3, A New Understanding of Creativity, we dispel the myths surrounding creativity. Number 17 is that, "Creativity is wholly original and arises without context."  So too, this textbook is the result of many contributors within many contexts. Below is a short list.


                          The ecology of collaboration

                          The ecology of collaboration

Thank you to...

The 18 contributing authors, each of whom without hesitation said, "Yes!"

The many patients and colleagues that formed the context for our creativity.

Nova Publishing for taking the chance to be the first to publish on creativity in healthcare. 

Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, for the brilliance of her heuristic model of enactive compassion upon which the new creativity model rests. A deep bow to her.

My stealth editors, Carol Sprock and Diana Munger, for making me say it plainer.

Alfonso Montuori, PhD, my doctoral advisor and dissertation chair for introducing me to the world of creativity and complexity.

Marcia McMurtrey and Michael Rossi for their beautiful creativity gracing the book's cover and inviting readers in.

Zeus, my 16 year-old Westie, who was my grad assistant and snored faithfully in my office through the entire project. RIP.

My children, Emily, Adam and Anthony, for letting me be that nerdy dad in his office not watching football but exploring my passion around learning and creativity.

Most importantly, my wife of over 34 years, Jennifer, for not only bearing with me along that ride, but for shepherding the citations in this book into functional order and form...without whom this book would have much less scholarly rigor.  


Last, but not least...

You the reader. There is no creativity if this work sits on a shelf or in cyberspace without readers that then engage in the emergence of their innate creativity. May we all work to ease suffering and add to the flourishment of Life.