# 5 Can We Measure Creativity?

Farzad Eskafi, CEO & Co-founder, Sparcit.com

Farzad Eskafi, CEO & Co-founder, Sparcit.com

In show # 5 we sit down with Farzad Eskafi, CEO & co-founder of www.sparcit.com . His company has assessed over 30,000 individuals for psychometric measures of creativity. The company received initial funding from the National Science Foundation and is well-grounded in the available research. Join us to learn how Sparcit supports companies and individuals, as well discover their higher purpose aim in this pioneering work. We talk quite a bit about healthcare's needs specifically and offer good examples of how creativity can support you or your organization. Farzad's LinkedIn connection.

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Show Notes:

The four capacities tested by Sparcit:

Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration.