# 8 Fostering the Emergence of the Next Generation of Nursing

                   Dr. Carey Clark, RN, PhD

                   Dr. Carey Clark, RN, PhD

In this interview we meet Carey Clark, RN, PhD to learn how she's fostering the creative emergence of the next generation of nursing.  Nurses need to lead the way in healthcare reform and it all begins with a self care practice that is part of Carey's writings and curriculum designing at the University of Maine Augusta. She is developing a caring-holistic-integral curriculum for the RN- BSN program. Her published works have focused on the nursing shortage, caring in nursing education, complexity in nursing education, integral approaches to nursing education, and the use of a Partnership social model in nursing education. Dr. Clark’s goals include ushering in a new era of caring-based practices in nursing, transforming health care systems, creating transpersonal states/ altered levels of consciousness, and supporting the growth of nurses striving to create sustainable, caring-healing practices and professional autonomy. You can reach Dr. Clark at carey.clark@maine.edu .

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